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Automatic Door – Microwave Motion Sensor


24.125GHz Wired Microwave Motion Sensor Radar Detector for Automatic Sliding Door System

Made in China.

 9,800  11,000

Transmit frequency density: less than 5m W/cm²
Transmitting frequency: 24.125 GHz
Maximum installation height: no more than 3.5 meters
Power supply voltage: AC/DC 12V-24V
Adjustable inclination angle: 0° to 90°
Working current: less than 8mA in standby mode, less than 15mA in inductive output mode
Detection range (when the installation height is 2.6 meters): about 4m (width) * 2m (depth)
Temperature range: -20℃~+65℃
Output hold time: 1.5s
IP protection level: IP54
Size: 116mm (length) X 70mm (width) X 48mm (height)