NOVSIGHT H11 LED Head Light Bulbs (Low Beam/Fog) (Pair) 72W 10000LM 6000K White


ONE Year Warranty. H11 type is suitable for LOW BEAM of following Make/Model and FOG Lamps.

LOW BEAM of TOYOTA Corolla 2014~2022 , Yaris PK.  HONDA Civic 2012~2014, City 2021~2024, BRV 2017~2022,  Vezel 2015~2020.  SUZUKI Swift Fog Lamp 2016~2022.

FOG LAMP of All Make/Model (Please check connector if you are not sure).

 6,900  7,500

One Year Warranty!

1. 72W/ bulb super high power, super high brightness, reaching 10000LM/ bulb;
2. Mini size, Non-destructive installation, Plug and play;
3. 360° Degree illumination
4. Non-polarity design to solve the short circuit situation caused by incorrect installation of the plug;
5. IP68 waterproof and dust-proof grade;
6. Service life of 100,000 hours;
7. Intelligent temperature control system, intelligently identify the real-time situation of product temperature, intelligently automatically adjust the current, and reduce the risk of product dead lights;
8. The chuck is adjustable to achieve the best light shape;

Wattage: 72W/Pair
Lumen value: 10000LM/Pair
Voltage: 9-32V
Lamp beads/light source: BRIDGELUX
Color temperature: 6000K
Applicable ambient temperature: -40℃~﹢80℃
Product theoretical life: 100,000 hours
Product material: all aluminum body (6063 aviation aluminum)
Heat conduction method: copper substrate heat conduction + double pure copper heat pipe
Cooling method: aviation aluminum body cooling + double ball fan cooling
Waterproof rating: IP68

Package Included:
2 x LED Headlight Bulbs
1 x Product Manual
1 x Original retail box