Road Barrier – BENINCA LADY (Made in Italy).


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Electromechanical Parking/Road barrier for passages up to 4 meter, intensive use, 3 second opening speed.

 175,000  190,000

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BENINCA LADY (Made in Italy).

• Electromechanical barrier for passages up to 4m, for intensive use, Opening speed 3 second, Closing Speed 4 Second.
• Easy to use external manual unlock device.
• Slowing down setup thanks to two adjustable limit switches.
• Speed, strength and soft stop/start adjustable for an always correct use and performance.
• Possibility of integrated FTC.S photocells thanks to the innovative hide-away system that enables them to be perfectly integrated with the look, ensuring maximum functionality.

Power supply: 230 Vac
Motor supply: 24 Vdc
Max. Absorbed current: 1,6 A
Torque: 205 Nm
Opening speed: 3”-5”
Operation cycle: intensive use
Protection level: IP44
Operating Temp: -20°C/+50°C
Weight: 52Kg

Package includes:
Barrier Unit with installation kit, 4 meter Arm and Operator push switch.

1 Year warranty.