Swing Gate Motor – BFT ELI 250 N BT.


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ELECTRIC GATE OPENER KIT BFT ELI 250 BT N 24V, the most elegant way to open your gate. Underground gate opener for gates up to 3.5m and 400Kg per wing. The most exclusive way to install your gate opener for best visual impact and reliability.

Automatic Swing Gate Motor for 400KG Gate.

Model: ELI 250 N BT, 24V.

Brand: BFT – Made in Italy.

The most elegant and fine solution for your gate. The underground electric gate opener can stealthily operate your gate for the best visual impact. Great solution if you want a sturdy automation that doesn’t disrupt the look of your gate.

The underground gate opener are designed to work even in sever weather condition and under heavy rain. The gate opener is waterproof and can operate even if the underground case is flooded. The electric gate opener BFT ELI 250 BT can open gates up to 3,5m and 400Kg per wing.

The 24V gate opener motor you’ll find in the kit are good for intensive use.

In this exclusive gate opener kit you will find all the accessories and safety devices to easily install it and use it in total safety.

The electric gate opener KITBFT  ELI-250 N BT include:

2x underground gate opener.

2x foundation boxes.

2x Unlock key-system/Manual release.

1x Control panel unit THALIA  with radio-frequency board 433Mhz.

2xTwo-channel transmitter BFT MITTO B

1x Cllula130 Photocells (Safety sensors).

1x Flashing light with built-in antenna.

1 Year parts and services warranty.


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