ZKTeco LM-2805 Electromagnetic Lock with Holding Force 200kg (LM Series)


ZKTeco LM-2805 Electromagnetic lock with holding force 200kg, with door sensor N0/COM/NC output. Features: input voltage DC12V; working current 480mA±5 % ; tensile force range 200kg±5 %.


Electromagnetic locks apply the principle of electromagnetism. When the electric current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will produce a strong suction force to tightly attract the iron plate to lock the door. A small electric current will produce a great magnetic force. When users turn off the power of the electromagnetic lock, it will lose its suction, so that users can open the door.


  • Input voltage DC12V
  • Working current 480mA±5 % (LM-2805)
  • Tensile force range 200kg±5 %
  • Lock body size 250x47x25.5mm
  • Iron plate size 180x38x11mm
  • Door Status / Signal output: NO/COM/NC