Dead Bolt Lock – SOCA SL-166


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Use for 90°~180° open hollow metal or solid wooden doors.
Built-in microcontroller. Automatic current output control according to the door leaf position. The current is being lowered to 210mA after 6 seconds of door leaf positioning in order to cut down power consumption and lower the temperature of the lock body.
Special wearable design. Mechanic life of more than 500,000 times.
Adjustable wiring methods according to the environment.
Adjustable lock time( 0 sec. & 3 sec. ).
1 set of push button control contact is available.
Power Supply: DC12V ±10%
Power consumption: 210mA (standby); 570mA (operation)
Operation temperature:Maximum 45℃ (Room temperature 30℃)
Operation environment:Temperature 0-70℃,Humidity85%Rh max

Body: 160mm(L) x 32mm(W) x 39mm(D)
Strike plate : 90mm(L) x 27mm(W) x 3.5mm(D)
Bolt : 14mm(Throw) x 12.7mm(Diameter)

Weight: 460g
Certification: CE